True Ink Tattoo Studio is a small shop employing some of the most talented and versatile tattoo artists within the Waterloo Region. Each of our artists are dedicated to giving their clients the best service possible by providing a clean and relaxing workspace while working directly with you to create an original piece of art that you won't find on any wall.

We strongly focus on designing custom artwork that exceeds customer expectations. Whether you're looking for a one of a kind tattoo, a custom logo for your business or custom designs for your line of apparel, we've got you covered! We can also accommodate pre-designs you may like and can even work with you to add your own fine little touches to make it unique to you.

A tattoo is forever, and making sure you get the best quality tattoo by the best artist that suits you and your style is important. We have a talented team of artists to choose from, each with their own unique creative style - call us today to schedule a consultation!


Marcel Mairovitz - Tattoo Artist



The artists at True Ink Tattoo Studio are amongst the best within the Waterloo Region and GTA areas. Whether you're looking for a Japanese and realism piece or anything from Watercolour to Biomechanical, this creative and versatile team specializes on custom pieces so you can rest assure that they have you covered. The experience and artistry these tattoo artists bring to the table will make you keep coming back for more. Book your next appointment with us - we promise you won't be disappointed!
There are many factors that contribute to pain level of a tattoo and is really relative to each person. Ultimately, pain level will depend on the sensitivity of the body part the tattoo will be placed on. Good news is that people wouldn't come back over and over again if it was intolerable. Most of us are not into pain, but the beauty of the tattoo and the pride associated with wearing it far outweighs a little pin-stick here and there.
Absolutely! Most old tattoos are able to be covered up by a new tattoo. However, every tattoo is different and it's best to come in and speak to an artist directly about your options. Some old tattoos that are darker may require a couple sessions of laser tattoo removal before a new design is added.
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing to your appointment, something that is loose fitting so nothing with rub against your fresh tattoo. The tattoo artist will need time to perfect your tattoo, so make sure that you haven't made any plans immediately after your session, sometimes the preparation and art take a little bit longer than expected. Don't come on an empty stomach! it's best to eat a light meal before your appointment, we also have plenty of water at the studio.
Tattoos are charged by the piece or by the hour. The price of a piece is determined by style, size, detail, colours, subject, and placement. The hourly rates vary with each artist, call us or come into the studio for a consultation to find out pricing details for your specific piece.All quotes that are not done in person are estimates and we reserve the right to adjust pricing on non-consultation pricing.
The majority of your new tattoos healing process will be done within the first two weeks. However, the skin is still working to heal and rejuvenate and you need to plan on a 4-6 weeks for your skin to be back to its previous state.
As the skin rejuvenates itself, usually about a week after the tattoo was done, the itch sets in. This is 100% normal. Good moisturizers will help immensely with this but DO NOT SCRATCH IT! If lotion isn't helping, run it under cold water for a few moments and you should be itch free.
Often, we will have hours of work in drawing and preparing for a tattoo or custom art piece. Deposits help to ensure you make it to your appointment and that we haven't done hours of work for nothing.



At True Ink, we love a challenge so book your next appointment and let us help you transform your vision to reality. You can contact us directly or send us an email - we're always here to help answer any questions you may have.

Monday to Friday 11am - 6pm. Saturdays 9am - 9px.
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